The Department of Census and Statistics conducts a Census of Populations and Housing every 10 years covering the entire country and this is also the main duty of the Department.

It is the main source of data for national policy making and planning as well as for public administration, providing information on population, its geographical distribution, ethnic distribution and various demographic and social characteristics of the population, as well as housing. This information is regularly used by policy makers, planners and researchers, students, data organizations, civil society organizations and individuals to make the right decisions in the country.

The Department of Census and Statistics is planning to collect data efficiently and accurately using CAPI technology in the 2024 Census of Population and Housing to be conducted for the 15th time.

It is a complete census of the social, economic and demographic information of all persons living in a country within a specified period of time and the collection of housing information. It provides detailed information on population, its structure, characteristics, geographical distribution, composition, household categories and housing for the smallest administrative units and small population groups.